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2018: James Journigan

Ray Journigan tn

More than 40 years ago,starting at the of age 14, Ray’s passion for woodworking and furniture making was already evident and has grown more intense as the years have passed. Mostly self taught, Ray is none the less very quick to praise those who have inspired and taught him along the way, including his father, a master finish carpenter; Chuck Lammers, his shop class teacher; Ben Hobbs, 2011 Cartouche Award recipient; and Pierre Restelli, a master carver from Portsmouth, VA.

Between 1988 and 2013, Ray was pursuing two careers, simultaneously. He served his city as a fireman and his state and country as part of various FEMA teams. When not on duty, he created more than 200 pieces of museum quality period furniture, for his own use and on commission. Today he produces furniture and teaches out of his shop in Virginia Beach, VA.

Ray’s work has been featured in various newspapers and in local and national magazines.  He has taught fellow furniture makers through out Virginia for 30 years and is tireless in his efforts to increase awareness and appreciation of American period furniture, determined to keep the craft alive into the next generation.



2017: Jeffrey S. Roberts


 Jeff has built hundreds of period pieces of furniture in the style of Queen Anne, Chippendale, Jacobean, William and Mary, and Federal styles in his distinguished career. 

Jeff started his career at North Bennet Street School studying with Phil Lowe, Lance Patterson and George Fullerton. This is where he fell in love with traditional furniture making and received a solid foundation in joinery, design, carving and building technique. One of  his main passions that he discovered while at school was carving. Carving came naturally to him and would prove to serve him well in his career.

After years of building for others, he moved to New Hampshire in 2007, started his own business and soon became an award winning member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen as well as juried member of the prestigious New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association, a highly selective group of studio furniture makers in New England.  Some of the accolades in the last 8 years include a number of League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair Living with Craft Exhibit Awards including: 'Best in Traditional Design' for his  Newport Lowboy in 2013; 'Best in Wood' for his Newport Tea Table in 2011; 'Best in Traditional Design' for his Pie Crust Tea Table in 2010; and 'Best in Wood' and 'Public Choice Award' for his  Newport Style Desk on Frame in 2008.  He has been part of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Prison Outreach Program since 2012 teaching high-level woodworking skills to inmates of the Concord Prison System.

Jeff's Furniture

2016: Ronnie Young


 Ronnie has built in excess of two hundred pieces of furniture in his distinguished career.  Using his engineering background,  he frequently draws the plans he builds, faithfully capturing each detail of the original piece. He constructs his own paterae, inlay, fretwork and moldings and often mills and dries the lumber for his projects.

Ronnie has a particular interest in period Tennessee furniture, and a significant number of his pieces are faithful reproductions of historic antiques from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, utilizing the same wide boards as those the old masters used.

Ronnie Young is a master period furniture maker in his own right,  yet it is his sincere love for his craft and desire to pass on the legacy that set him apart. Ronnie is passionate concerning period furniture and highly skilled at passing on his knowledge to others.

Furniture in the SAPFM Gallery

Cartouche Presentation

In Episode 23's 'Moment With a Master', Ronnie Young tells his story and demonstrates his method for creating beautiful paterae inlay.  (27:08 into the video.)


2015: Dr. E. Jeff Justis

2015CartoucheJeffJustisJeff Justis has been a SAPFM member since its inception.  An orthopedic surgeon for forty years at the reknowned Campbell's Clinic in Memphis Tennessee, he was able to retire in 2001 to pursue his interest in woodworking full time.  His home near Oxford, Mississippi is filled with museum-quality reproductions he has created.

Jeff has built fine furniture all his life. Starting off as a small boy, he acquired tools, helped his father build a small shop, built furniture during grade and high school, college, medical school, surgical practice at an orthopedic clinic, and retirement. Since 1952 he has built many period pieces including Queen Ann chairs, tall case clocks, a pie crust table, a secretary, a Duncan Phyfe dining table, a John Marshall desk, and a Stradivarius-style violin that his daughter played in a concert.

Jeff has written articles on furniture making including excellent ones in Period Furniture on the details and construction of an original designed breakfront and on perspective in building small-scale furniture. As a skilled carver, he has carved hands displayed in his home, in a San Francisco museum, and at a hand society meeting in Japan. At medical school and at the orthopedic clinic, Jeff taught students and associates woodworking skills as well as shop safety. As a specialist in hand surgery, he has written articles on shop safety for woodworkers and the medical profession . As a pilot at the clinic, he participated in Lifeline pilots, flying cancer and other patients to hospitals for treatment.

Highland Woodworker "Moment with A Master", Episode 29

2014: W. Patrick Edwards


In the late 1960's, Patrick started a business restoring antiques as a way of augmenting his income while attending college and working part time in the Physics Department at the University of California, San Diego. After receiving a degree in Applied Physics and Information Science, Patrick started his career. After a year of full-time employment at Maxwell Labs—not an easy job to get—he decided to “retire” from physics and devote all his energies to the field of Decorative Arts.

Continuing to study his new found love, he began to teach, research, lecture, and write—positioning himself as one of the leading authorities on furniture conservation. Today he is widely recognized as a leader in the field of French Marquetry.

Furniture in the SAPFM Gallery

The Story behind the Jewel Cabinet


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