2023 American Period Furniture Journal

American Period Furniture is the annual journal of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. This distinctive publication is sent to SAPFM members in December of each year. Edited by Robert W. Lang and written by experts in the field of historical furniture construction the journal is an in-depth resource with a wealth information on the history and construction methods for furniture made in the United States.

Each edition of the journal contains at least 100 pages of unique editorial content and an advertising section with resources for those who share our passion for quality furniture with historical significance. Printed in the USA on durable gloss paper the journal is intended to last, and is a valuable reference that grows with each annual edition.

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A note to our Members

Every member who is in good standing as of October 31 should receive their issue by the end of the year. If your issue has not arrived by then, email the editor and be sure to include your complete mailing address.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inside the Most Recent Journal

American Period Furniture Journal 2022

Feature Articles

  • The front and inside covers feature the work of 2023 Cartouche Award recipient Daniel Faia who created the American Rococo Chest seen on the cover and featured in an article about this commission. His career as a maker, carver and teacher is profiled in an article by Roger Myers. For more information about Daniel, his portfolio and classes visit his website at: danielfaia.com

  • 2014 Cartouche recipient W. Patrick Edwards, along with David Clark and Jim Creasman detail the process of creating a Marquetry Chevalet. This unique tool is essential for the creation of inlays and detailed plans for construction have not been published elsewhere.

  • 2010 Cartouche recipient Steven Lash details the construction of a Marquetry Ladies Desk of Cubes, a unique reproduction that earned him awards for furniture and first time entry in the 2023 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s challenge.

  • Nancy Kraus writes about a bookcase that may have been produced at Monticello and the history of Thomas Jefferson’s involvement in the design and production of his own furniture.

Projects & History

This edition of the journal also includes several projects created by our members, including a unique table patterned after the floor of the Domo in Venice, Italy, a Seymour style secretary, a Newport style blockfront chest, and carved “Joynt” stools. Richard McCormick gives us the history of Koa along with several Chippendale style pieces created from this unique Hawaiian wood. Jerome Bias writes about the history of free Black cabinetmaker Thomas Day and what influenced his designs.

American Period Furniture Journal - Reverse Engineering Lumbard
American Period Furniture Journal - Building Georgia's Oldest
American Period Furniture Journal - Make Sense of Chair Angles

Table of Contents

There is much more inside.   See the full table of contents, below.

2022 American Period Furniture Journal Table of Contents

APF Companion Materials

Oftentimes, video, drawings, and other related content is mentioned in American Period Furniture Journal articles. You can find it here. We have listed these resources for the current and past Journals.

APF Companion Materials

Who will write the next edition of American Period Furniture?

The SAPFM journal is written by our members. If you have an idea for an article we would love to hear about it.

Our editor's mission is to make producing an article as easy as possible for our contributors. You don't need to write a complete article before you submit your proposal and we prefer to publish the work of skilled furniture makers regardless of their experience in writing. If you are proud of your work can explain how you did something to another woodworker you are well on you way to an article in the journal.  

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Our typical member is your best customer. If your product or service is related to period furniture, the members of SAPFM are among the most accomplished and enthusiastic wood workers in the world. Your advertisement will reach the right audience and you will help to support the mission of SAPFM. Contact our editor Bob Lang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or our advertising manager Joyce Lang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.

If you would like to advertise in American Period Furniture camera ready, digitally formatted ad copy is desired. The editor can provide services to prepare ads at additional cost. 

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