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 How to Submit Photos for Inclusion in the SAPFM Gallery

   1.  You must be a current member of SAPFM to have your work displayed in the gallery. Not a member yet? Join here.   
   2.  Documentation must be provided for all photos and must include at a minimum:
    • Dimensions-- height, width, depth etc.
    • Primary and secondary woods.
    • A description. If the piece is reproduced from a book or magazine, include the title of the book, author and page number.
    • Hardware used (selfmade or vendor supplied)
    • Type of finish

If  there are interesting construction details or problems that needed to be solved to complete the work, you can include information about these.

   3.  You should submit a minimum of one (1), and a maximum of five (5) different photographs of your work, in digital format.  

         Each photograph should be approximately 200K to 1MB in size, in .jpg  file format.

   4.  Email documentation and digital photos to the SAPFM Webmaster.

SAPFM reserves the right to post only selected works. 
SAPFM may use your submitted photos in promotional materials.
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