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Diefenbacher Tools

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  • Tools & Shop Supplies

Diefen Child 1Diefenbacher Tools is a family-owned business dedicated to providing woodworkers with the finest woodworking hand tools. We offer some of the highest-quality chisels, gouges, luthier tools, planes, and more. Our founder, Ron, is a retired woodworker and furniture designer with decades of experience in creating fine handmade furniture. Ron has experimented with many different hand tools over the years and has evaluated each of the brands that we carry before including them in our catalogue, so that you can be confident of the quality and usefulness of your investment. Diefenbacher Tools is the exclusive US distributor for Dastra woodcarving tools, a top-quality brand made in Germany. We also carry tools made by Two Cherries, Stubai, Crown, and other brands suitable for both professional and amateur woodworkers.diefen Child