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Ladies Portable Desk 9 2011

The SAPFM Recognition Award was presented to Bob Stevenson for his entry in the 2015 Design in Wood Exhibition.

Mr. Stevenson received the Award for a portable ladies writing desk in the style of Sheraton.  The desk is a reproduction of a piece dating from about 1800 in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  A photograph of the desk, along with a measured drawing, can be found in Salmonsky’s “Masterpieces of Furniture", Dover Publications, 1953, Plate No. 83. 

Bob is indebted to Nicholas Vincent, Research Associate, American Wing, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for his assistance in providing several detailed photographs of the desk, thus saving him a trip across country.

The piece consists of movable box-like desk set at the rear of a small table containing a single drawer. Desk and table are supported by tapered, reeded legs fitted with casters. Santo Domingo mahogany (veneer and solid) and maple veneer are the primary construction materials, with Eastern white pine as the secondary wood. The hardware is by Horton Brasses.  The finish is padded shellac.

Mr.Stevenson, a lifetime member of SAPFM, had been the director of the Design in Wood International Exhibition/Competition, held at the San Diego County Fair, for the last 20 years.  Those who work at the exhibit, which is co-sponsored by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association and the San Diego County Fair, are restricted from entering the competition.

When he retired from that position last year, he stated, “I couldn’t wait to enter my work.”

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