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Two Charleston Tea Stands

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Two Charleston Tea Stands


Primary Woods: Mahogany (pierced gallery), Walnut (solid gallery).

This is a tea stand that I saw at the Haywood-Wakefield House in Charleston, SC several years ago. At that time I took some photographs and a few measurements and recently made a full size drawing and then made two tables: One with a pierced gallery in mahogany, and one in walnut with a solid gallery, like the original.

The table is designed for a silver tilting tea pot that sets on the top; the small sliding shelf pulls out to hold a tea cup. The pot is tilted, the cup filled, and handed to the guest.

The legs are tapered and chamfered.

The finish on both tables is orange shellac, with the mahogany table having a small amount of Brown Mahogany Trans-Tint added to the shellac.

The small brass knob is from Horton Brass.

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