Queen Anne Tuck-Away Table

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Queen Anne Tuck-Away Table
Queen Anne Tuck-Away Table (bottom)
Queen Anne Tuck-Away Table (side)


The Tuck-Away table is a mid-18th century design.  The plans come from Norman Vandel’s Queen Anne Furniture book, pages 134-143. Vandel’s plans are very good and don’t come with any surprises.  The three most important parts of the build that have to be exact are:  (1) The wood for the skirt/wooden hinge has to be stable and precisely cut; (2) because the legs come together when closed they have to be exactly alike.  A book match grain pattern here enhances the look of the legs in the closed position. (3) The iron hinges have to be special made.  I made mine by converting 2 Stanley gate hasps and then antiquing them by hammering them out, then heating them and blackening with beeswax. I used a router gig (much safer) instead of the lathe to made the disk.
Dimensions: H 26” open, 40” closed; W 25” open, 4-7/8” closed
Wood: American Black Cherry
Finish: Shop made dye & stain, rubbed in oil finish.
Hardware: converted Stanley gate hasps for hinges.