Corner Table

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Corner Table
Corner Table
Corner Table
Corner Table


Cuyahoga Falls


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Red oak, chestnut, cherry, curly cherry (drawer front, Knob walnut
Secondary wood: white pine

Construction: mortice and tenon joints, as well as hand-cut dovetails on the drawer. The knob I turned from some figured walnut. The finish is dye with gel stain, linseed oil seal coat with five coats of clear shellac rubbed to a satin luster with steel wool.

This table is of my own design, borrowing elements from other porringer tables I have seen, however my need was for a porringer adapted as a corner table. This project holds special memories for me as the top was made from shelving in a closet at my grandparents' home. (I'm not sure if it is red oak or chestnut, maybe one of the members can identify its species; see second view). It is used daily holding my coffee cup and remote control next to my easy chair. Each time I look at it, it brings back childhood memories of growing up when I spent my summer vacation at my grandparents' farm house.