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Chippendale Table

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Jay Stallman
Jay Stallman
Jay Stallman
Jay Stallman

This is a modification of a Walker Piecrust Tea Table, based on the article in American Period Furniture by Jeff Justis.  Jeff kindly shared measurements with me and I made some modifications to the design so this is not a reproduction of a specific piece.

The table height is 30 inches and the top is of a single board, 33 1/3 inches in diameter. The center column is turned and carved from 16/4 mahogany. I chose to scale down the table top’s edge ornamentation which seemed to my eye,  to occupy more of the surface than I cared for.

It is mahogany, colored with aniline dye, silica grain filler , a light coat of linseed oil and then French polished with orange shellac and rottenstone.  There is a brass spider under the column which is captured by a turned end cap, finial (and therefore invisible) held on with a turned tenon that penetrates through the spider. The tilt mechanism employs a “birdcage” derived from the Clarkson book. 

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