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Chippendale Breakfast Table

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Chippendale Breakfast Table


Secondary materials: Poplar drawer side, drawer runners and hinged rail backers, White pine drawer bottom and glue blocks, red oak hinge pins

Finish: Yellow dye and walnut husk stain with about 10 thin brushed coats of orange shellac. Glazed with burnt umber and oil, then waxed.

I made this Chippendale Breakfast Table based on one Gene Landon made. I measured and photographed Gene's table last November. Gene's table was based on one he saw in an auction catalogue, and is attributed to Adam Hains, Philadelphia.

My table differs from Gene's in that I used mahogany (Gene's and the original are walnut), and I also carved a molding detail on the table's edge.

The drawer front and lower rail are from the same piece of figured mahogany. This piece was actually a cutoff from another project, and was in my firewood pile!

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