1780's Federal Candle Stand

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1780's Federal Candle Stand
1780's Federal Candle Stand
1780's Federal Candle Stand
1780's Federal Candle Stand


Sandy Springs


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Primary woods: Mahogany, mahogany, satinwood veneers
Secondary woods: Pine

The stand was modeled after an on-line article by Rob Millard. The design of the stand is similar to many pieces from the 1780's but the exact proportions are not intended to reproduce a particular piece.

In the vertical position (i.e. when not in use, against a wall) the tops of these stands typically rested against the urn of the turned post. I decided to add a stop bar to the tilt mechanism so the top does not contact the turning.

The top is a core of quartersawn pine strips glued up and cross veneered with scrap walnut veneer. The underside is veneered with mahogany and the top surface veneered with bees wing figure satinwood, and quilted veneer of an uncertain species. The banding around the edge is made fromm walnut and maple.

The central patera on the top is a Prince of Wales feathers emblem, made with sand shaded holly, green-dyed sycamore, and black-dyed pear wood.

The turned post and legs are mahogany.

Although some candle stands had a spider to strengthen the legs, I omitted this, since the stand will never bear much weight.

The tilt table latch is from Londonberry Brasses.

The stand is finished with four coats of brushed shellac and then french polished.