Sheraton Sideboard

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Sheraton Sideboard
Sheraton Sideboard
Sheraton Sideboard
Sheraton Sideboard


Jensen Beach


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Primary wood: Sapele, Mahogany veneers
Secondary Woods: White Pine, Poplar

This is my reproduction of a Sheraton sideboard (circa 1790 - 1800) featured in Verna Salomonsky's "Masterpieces of Furniture (plate #66)."

Crotch mahogany veneers was used on the doors and drawers. The veneer is book matched on the doors and on the left and right drawers.

The secondary wood is white pine for structural pieces and poplar for the drawers.

The bow front drawer was constructed by resawing the sapele to 1/8 inch and laminating them around a form. The big cellerette drawer fronts and doors are made from strips of poplar with the grain in a vertical direction, with slight angles at the joints as needed to match the curve. The small drawers were cut from 8/4 stock.

I made the shaded fans after viewing a a video on YouTube.

The finish is a combination of shellac applied with a brush and French polish (top).

The hardware is from Horton Brass.