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The case is made of mahogany, with the drawer sides and the case back made of Alder. The top and sides are made of one continuous piece of wood. The case is dovetailed, with through dovetails exposed on the top. The side moldings on the top are applied with sliding dovetails as above. The most original joinery is at the bottom, where I first made the three sided baseboard molding separately, sized to fit the case. It is made of three boards through dovetailed together. I glued this to the front of the case and the front of the sides. I then used screws in slotted holes to secure the baseboards to the sides of the case at the back. The small coved molding on top of the baseboards is mitered at the front corners. I glued a piece of this on to the front baseboard and case front, but on the sides I glued the coved molding pieces only at the miters and to the baseboards, not to the case sides. This way these slide with the bottom boards so as not to present
seasonal problems. Also the side coved moldings hug the case sides without being attached to them. I designed this piece to measure for the entryway of our home, and finished it only slightly after we moved out of said home.

All of the dovetails in the pieces are hand done, and the mortise and tenon joints are roughed by machine and fit by hand. The piece is finished with clear finish.

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