Charleston Chest of Drawers

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Charleston Chest of Drawers
Charleston Chest of Drawers


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This walnut chest of drawers is based on a drawing of "Dressing Drawers" in Sumuel A. Humphry's book on Thomas Elfe, although the proportions were changed to fit its intended location.

The original was in mahogany, but a neighbor kindly gave me a supply of her walnut that she was unable to use, in an amount nearly ideal for this chest.

With those two changes in design (proportion and material), I felt free to make other substitutions: The ogee feet were copied from a Thomas Elfe chest on chest in the same book (proportionally modified to fit the chest) and a molding profile was modified based on preference.

Rose head nails were procured from a local blacksmith and used to secure the tongue and groove back.

Drawer hardware is from Londonderry Brasses.