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Jewelry Box

Veneers: Mahogany Crotch, Curly Mahogany, Satinwood Crotch, Brazilian Rosewood, Ebony, Curly Maple, Walnut, and Holly.
Secondary woods: Poplar, Pine, Quarter- sawn White Oak.
Finish: Shellac-French polish.

?This table is a marriage of New York and Baltimore styles of the late 18th century (about 1790-1800). The bell flowers on the legs are more of a Baltimore style; while the circular top with sunburst crotch mahogany, the central field of oak leaves and acorn inlays, and the dentil stringing is more associated with tables built in New York? (Home Furniture, Spring 1996, pp.50-51).

The table was reproduced with some changes to the apron from Taunton's Home Furniture Magazine, No.6, Spring 1996. The table in the article was built by Walter Raynes and Carl Clinton.

I spent more than 250 hours in the planning and construction of the table.

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