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Sandy Springs


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Based on an article in the 2004 issue of American Period Furniture by Steve Lash.

Pine core, cross-veneered with walnut and then veneered with curly mahogany and crotch mahogany.

The cross veneering of the flat pieces was done in a vacuum bag. The mahogany was hammer veneered with hide glue. The curved portions of the front of the boxes used the technique of allowing yellow glue to dry and then ironing it on.

Solid mahogany cock beads and decks inlaid with stringing of maple and ebonized sycamore.

Pine understructure to support the silverware. The supports of this understructure were adjusted so that each piece of silver would protrude up evenly from the deck and allow the lid to close. One of the boxes is modified to hold serving pieces; the other to hold standard silver place settings.

The inside surfaces of the lids are decorated with a fan in lay on one, and a compass rose inlay on the other.

The feet are solid mahogany and shaped by files and rasps.

Satinwood sand-shaded lunette band inlay.

French polished.