Charleston Rice Bed

JS Updated

The Charleston Rice Bed has posts turned in 4 sections (joined with turned tenons and end grain drilled mortises). At the advice of Phil Lowe they are joined with epoxy for greater strength. Turned from mahogany, based upon patterns provided by Mary May. It is held together with bed bolts sold by Horton Brasses.

The finish is aniline dye followed by 4 coats of sprayed shellac, then French polishing with rottenstone. The headboard is one wide board with floating tenons in the carved posts so the bed can be broken down

The dimensions are approximately: 86 1/2" height of posts, with feet 3 3/4" square having been turned from 16/4 material. The headboard is 22" x 76 1/2" including the tenons. The rails are 5 inches wide and 1 3/4" thick with stub tenons