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Tool cabnet
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John Rexroad
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The measurements are 30” tall x 30-1/2” wide closed. Open its 62” which included the 4 antiques cast bronze hinges.
The case is Purple Heart which I fell in love with the grain and movement of.  The case was built from a board the closed width and split after dovetails etc. were complete.
The front closed is Purple Heart, lacewood, and cocbolo. It’s trimmed with banding which mimicked rope as my business is a meeting company.  Holly and walnut.  Gold leaf sets the border for the Cocobolo. The 2 plates are sterling silver.  
Drawers are 1/4” apple burl back with mahogany.  The trim bead on each drawer is lacewood.  Drawers are dove tail construction with oak secondary wood. All dividers are lacewood and sliding dovetails.  
The banding around the doors and and drawers is ebony with 2 strips of ivory.  I purchased the rolls of Ivory from Pratt Read and was old stock for making piano keys.  The dots around the border are mother of pearl and antique whale ivory.
A lot of the parts holding tools is pre 1900 whale ivory and one scrimshaw baleen piece from my antique scrimshaw collection.
The back of the main cabinet and the 4 swinging panels are mahogany.
I never counted how many tools, but out of curiosity decide to count main tools, excluding drills, beading and other blades, etc.  the count was 607 main tools.  A high percentage are engraved.  
I had one rule every tool had to be easily reached, grabbed used and back to storage.  Every took antique or new had to be a tool which I used in my furniture making.  
In all likelihood I could keep going on wood and materials.  For example the box which houses the pocket watch and other tools is rosewood.
Like most of my work I use wood dye, stain and glazes.  I wanted disability and hand rubbed which I did primarily with wash coat of I in wax- free shellac and Waterlox.  I also used some shellac on parts to get the deep tones and qualities of shellac.