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“The Statesman” Stick Chair

I’m having trouble nailing it down to a period because these chairs have been around for so many years. I’ve read they potentially started in the medieval period. I guess mine would be more late 18th early 19th century inspired. So, Colonial?
 It’s made to standard chair dimensions. The combination angle on the legs are 80 degrees in the front and 75 degrees in the back. The sticks are also at 75 degrees. The seat is 20” W x 18” D. The seat height is 18”. 
It consists of a white pine seat.  The comb, sticks, arm/back rests are red oak. The legs and stretchers are American beech and hard maple. Liquid hide glue was used for all joinery. All mortises are through mortises with wedged tenons-save the comb. The finish is black milk paint followed by a bees/carnauba paste wax.  
Made primarily with hand tools. 
The reason I chose to make this chair is because I have really taken a liking to chairs as of recent. I picked up one of Christopher Schwartz’s stick chair books at Handworks festival in Amana, IA and decided to give it a try. So, a nod to him. Thanks to Mr. Schwartz for the inspiration. 
I the love the simple design. It’s very comfortable. It’s a great chair to learn compound angling and chair making in general.