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Ron Ayler
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New SAPFM Member less than one year. No electricity in shop, not even for lights. All hand work only.

I like visiting the websites of antique furniture dealers. In searching six-board chests, two examples caught my eye. The first was an ornately carved 17th-century Gloucestershire chest. The second was an Elizabethan boarded chest, circa 1550-1570, with a canted front. Drawing inspiration from the two extant chests I chose to proceed with my version in Cherry.

With two wide cherry boards in my lumber store, my dimensions were based on the wider of the two boards. I first cut out a lid, 41-1/2-inches long by 15-1/2-inches wide. The height of the chest is 23-1/4-inches. The front, sides, and lid are of Cherry. The back and bottom are of Poplar. Two pine tills support the lid when open.”