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Queen Anne Side Chair

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Russell, Mark
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This Philadelphia-style Queen Anne side chair is my very first period furniture project. I doubled down on authenticity by using only hand tools during the build, and also doing the upholstery with traditional hair stuffing myself.

The chair is constructed from a single slab of genuine mahogany mostly using pegged mortise and tenon joints, though the round tenons of the front legs are wedged. The back splat is left loose and the shoe is held to the back rail with 2 cut nails. All glue joints use hide glue.

The finish is simple- I cut canned Zinsser amber shellac 1:1 with ethanol and applied 4 coats, followed by a single coat of brown wax to help the carvings stand out.

Eugene Landon published an article in the Sept/Oct 2006 issue of Fine Woodworking that covered how to build this chair, and I purchased the plans from
The Society of American
Period Furniture Makers
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