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Dwarf Clock

I knew Phil and would very much like to submit a piece in his honor. This is a piece I started a few years ago for consideration to be displayed at the Sturbridge Museum through a SAPFM program. Unfortunately, Covid happened and the whole program was cancelled. I recently finished the piece and thought I would offer it for consideration. I would consider myself an intermediate craftsman who has made enough mistakes to do a decent job on something like this.
   This is a piece based on a Dwarf Clock circa 1800 attributed to Stephen Hasham of Charlestown, New Hampshire. The original piece is in the NAWCC museum in Columbia, PA. From photographs I was able to establish dimensions and reconstruct a piece very close to the original. Like the original, it is fully veneered and hot animal hide glue was used for the entire construction. All of the veneer was taken from two consecutive sheets of flame mahogany. The carcass is of African mahogany with all joints being sympathetic to the period. The flame finials were a first for me as I do little carving. After ruining the first one I learned a lot and completed all three without too much trouble.
   I like this piece as it shows a melding of typical tall case characteristics with New England shelf clock elements. The fluted columns and cross banding on the door  coupled with the small hood and distinctive door shape create an interesting design. It is certainly a transition piece not often seen. The brass hardware is all English period reproduction castings while the dial I created myself using pieces of original dial plates from the era. The movement is a brass mechanical eight day with weights and pendulum from the 1800’s.