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Chippendale Tall Chest

I found this piece in Albert Sack's review of Chippendale tall chests in 'The New Fine Points of Furniture: Early American: The Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece' and fell in love with its proportions.  I was able to find a few additional photographs through the Yale University Art Gallery. I based the design on only 3-4 photographs, none of which included a side or interior view. 

It is made from air dried walnut, sourced from Alf Sharp and including a 22" wide board that comprised one of the sides, and poplar as the secondary wood.  It is finished with Transtint dye, Old Master's oil based stain, buttonlac, and wax. 

I designed in six secret compartments: one of the rosettes attaches with magnets and has a small cavity behind it, compartments flanking the upper carved drawer, a false drawer bottom in the lower carved drawer, and false bottom beneath two other drawers. 

After previously making a Newport tall case clock, this was definitely the most ambitious project I have attempted and I am pleased with how it turned out.  It forced me to be a much more confident carver.