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Bombe’ Chest

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Joseph Maday
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This Bombe’ chest is from SAPFM member Ed Stuckey’s Plans, available on the website
The Genuine Mahogany chest’s sides, moldings, feet, and drawer fronts are from a single 23” wide, 9ft long 12/4 Genuine Mahogany board, obtained locally. The Genuine Mahogany Crotch Figured top is from Irion Lumber. The secondary wood is pine. Joinery by hand with all surfaces hand planed and scraped. Base molding, beading, and top's molded edge shaped by profiled scrapers.
The finish is Blonde shellac, with a wiped-on/off stain made of walnut husks that were applied after the shellac wash coat. Then the chest was French polished and waxed.
The sand casted brasses are from Optimum Brasses in England with the English extruded brass locks from Whitechapel Ltd. in Wyoming.