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A few years ago I decided it was time to build a real work bench. I did my research, collected ideas of what I liked and eventually drew detailed plans. Somewhere during this process I talked myself into adding a tool well to the bench top. Only later I learned that it's main purpose is as a place to collect shavings and lost tools.

Fast forward to the beginning of the COVID lockdown (April 2020) when I decided to tackle this tool well problem. My solution is a cabinet that sets astride (and slightly inside) the tool well and offers a convenient place to store my most frequently-used tools, tools that would otherwise be left on the bench and in my way.  I could not be more pleased with the result.

The cabinet is made mainly of sweetgum and pecan.  I also learned some marquetry techniques in order to inlay a picture of a few tools.  The wood for the marquetry is sliced from various species I had around the shop.  It has clam-shell doors and is able to hold an astonishing number of tools for its size -- all of which can be accessed without removing any of their neighbors.  There are six small drawers for holding miscellaneous tools and parts.  I'm also proud to say that I did not have to violate quarantine by leaving the house for any supplies.