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Dinner Table Chairs

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I fell in love with a farmhouse table at first site. So in 2019 I built this one from red elm and the two walnut chairs to go with it. As soon as she saw everything, Abbie (my wife) said I had to build her a complete set of elm chairs to go with the table, so I found the right red elm wood, of course letting it acclimatize for a few months before I began measuring, marking, cutting, carving, scraping, sanding and finishing these chairs in December, 2020 and January, 2021.

I thought mixed fruit spindles would be a good sounding choice as a contrasting wood (secondary) for a dining room table so I used apple, pear and plum wood. I cut the screw plugs from apple scraps. (Scrapple?)

I got my inspiration from Scott Brock’s dinner table chair, but I altered his plan to remove the arms from the chair and put the front legs completely under the front seat. The chairs are 40” high, 19 “ wide and 20“ deep.

The only “hardware” is Titebond III glue and Spax screws all used to hold the legs and head board. There was some hard wear on my back and arms building them…

The  finish is Seal-A-Cell followed by a few coats of Arm-R-Seal.

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