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Stolte, Wayne
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This project was started at the end of January 2020 in Tim Killen’s furniture class. A group of us began making these card tables; after we suggested Tim demonstrate how to make one in class the previous semester. This table is 48 inches wide and 18 inches deep when closed, it is unique from the others due to the twin swinging rear legs that I felt was required with such a wide table top. Since being finished it has been used virtually every day as my wife’s writing desk.

It is constructed of Honduran mahogany, except for the front rail which has a fully veneered poplar core. Primary central veneers are of laurel and maple burl, with cross banded Honduran mahogany. The custom bandings are based upon an original card table at the MET museum. They were drawn in sketch-up by myself and subsequently made by Matt Furjanic of “”. It also has Holly and ebony stringing. It was finished with raw linseed oil followed by super blond shellac, except for the top, which due to the light color of the mahogany, required dying with potassium dichromate prior to shellac finish.

I learned quite a few things while doing this piece, this is only the second time I had used a lathe, so turning the legs and especially reeding the legs with scrapers and carving tools was a challenge. I had also never made sand shaded fans, or attempted to make such radical bends in the bandings. I always try to choose a project that stretches my abilities.