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Auto-renew Membership Details

Auto-renewal ensures that your membership never lapses. However, it does involve PayPal in the renewal process and that increases the likelihood of errors... 

  • Memberships with online payments will be automatically processed by PayPal a few days before expiration (Note: all financial information is held by PayPal, not SAPFM).
  • Memberships with offline payments will automatically receive a payment invoice email 15 days before membership expiration.
  • Auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time.

Unfortunately, our membership software treats "auto-renew" memberships as a new type of membership, rather than as a renewal of your existing membership.So, if you change from a standard (manual renew) membership to an auto-renew membership then the system will create a new, separate membership for you. This means that you will have two active memberships.

However, every new auto-renew membership is reviewed within a day or so and we manually adjust the membership records to correct the situation.

An example might help: Let's say that you have a standard "Individual" membership that is due to expire on December 31.

  • You go into the website and renew your membership on October 1.
  • At this point, you have two active memberships.
    • The original "Individual" membership that expires on December 31.
    • The new, "Individual (auto-renew)", membership that expires on October 1 of next year.
  • This process sends an email to the website support staff. 
  • Within a day or two, we will review the new membership and do two things to fix the problem.
    • First, we will adjust the expiration date of the new membership to December 31 (next year) so that you get the full benefit of your original membership (remember, you had 3 months remaining on the original membership).
    • Second, we will expire the original membership.

At the end of this process, you will have only one active membership.

If you get caught up in this software issue, or have any questions on membership, please contact  Membership Services [email protected].

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