For 2023, we had 4 openings for the SAPFM Board of Directors due to expiring terms.  The nominating period concluded on October 15th with the same number of candidates (4) as we have openings.  Therefore per our by-laws, all 4 candidates will be admitted to the open seats (i.e., there will not be an election).

We wish to thank outgoing Board members Scott Severns, Keith Smith, and Dale Ausherman.  Scott has served as SAPFM President for the previous 3 years, and Dale has diligently served 3 full terms of 3 years each, which is the limit a person can be on the Board. 

Please welcome the three freshmen members David Feola, Dennis Heyza, and Bill Markert; and the returning member Mark Maleski.  Their full applications are linked below:
  • David Feola: Candidate Nomination Form can be found hereDavid successfully worked 32 years as a professional educator and continues to work part time in education during his retirement. He worked 23 years as a junior high and high school principal and also filled in as the acting superintendent for three school districts. As a building principal, he was the instructional leader, in charge of everything and everyone involved with the building. This included the hiring and firing of staff, curriculum, school publications, overseeing committees, establishing rules, school safety and discipline, and guidelines for the daily school operations. He believes that his professional experience has given him the needed skills to be successful on the SAPFM Board. With more than 30 years experience as an educated leader, decision maker, arbitrator, recruiter and communicator, he fits the bill of a Board Member. He also has the passion and desire for SAPFM to expand and grow. 
  • Dennis Heyza: Candidate Nomination Form can be found here.  Dennis retired at the end of 2020 after a long career in the manufacturing sector, mostly in mid to senior level management positions, in both operations and information systems. Roles included Director of Operations, General Manager, Project Manager, and Solution Architect. He currently works one day a week (in season) as a volunteer docent at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. 
  • Bill Markert: Candidate Nomination Form can be found here. Bill graduated from Georgia Tech in 1972 with an Aerospace Engineering degree. By the end of his working career, he was the Engineering Manager of an engineering consulting firm focused on plant development and design for the wood products industry. His career always consisted of assembling and managing teams of people with diverse skills to accomplish a shared goal.  His volunteer efforts over the years involved being a member of Rotary Clubs, which taught him that for a service organization to work its members must answer when called to serve. Back in the early eighties Bill was a member of the Board of Directors of the Dekalb County Georgia Chamber of Commerce. There he interacted with a diverse set of people having many differing agendas.  
  • Mark Maleski: Candidate Nomination Form can be found here.  Mark has over 30 years’ professional experience as a technology consultant and is in an executive-level position leading a large market segment. Many of the skills that he gained through his professional experience will directly enable him to contribute to the leadership activities of the SAPFM board. Specifically, he develops and implements strategic plans to achieve mission objectives; establishes deadlines and then organizes and manages team efforts to achieve them; and manages activities within budget limitations. Mark holds professional certifications in project management and strategic planning and would welcome the opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience in these areas to advance the SAPFM mission.