The entire SAPFM Board wants to thank all entrants for the 2023 Phil Lowe Makers Challenge. We were fortunate this year to have twenty-nine members willing to take the time and effort to submit their work, which allowed us to see for ourselves how truly talented our membership really is. Every item that was entered is an award-winning piece which represents countless hours of skill and effort.

Congratulations to all of the members that participated. Of the 32 entries submitted, the results are in:

In the Novice category, there were five entries and the winner is Frank Hucek with his Queen Anne Desk.


In the Intermediate category, there were twenty entries and the winner is Thomas Smoller with his Secretary.

Thomas Smoller Secretary


In the Expert category: There were seven entries and the winner is John Lawrence with his Federal Sideboard.

John Lawrence Federal Sideboard

  Congratulations to John, Tom, and Frank!All the winners will receive an engraved plaque in Brass that is on a solid wood mounting

Thanks to all the craftsmen for their interest in sharing their work with all of our SAPFM members. Your works will remain in the SAPFM Gallery along with all of the winners and include the descriptions of all of your work. We are proud to have such talent amongst us and encourage all members to step forward and share your craftsmanship with the entire membership in next years’ Makers’ Challenge.