American Period Furniture 2016

ON THE COVER:   A secretaire by Ronnie Young, recipient of the 2016 Cartouche Award  
Researching the Cellarette: A Study in Contradictions Steve Dietrich
A Toast to Federal-style Cellarettes Ronnie Young
Ambassador Young, Representative for the Great Road Style
Tom Cowan & Ken Johnson
An Apprentice’s Journey: Cabinetmaking ‘Art & Mystery’ Michael W. Bell
Furniture Finishes: Are You a Pragmatist or Purist? Peter Gedrys
Re-creating the Studley Tool Chest Jim Moon
Finishing Dreams: Wyatt’s Story Wyatt McQueen
A Proper Place for Tea Canlin Frost
Take Your Pick: Two Approaches to a Radial-pattern Tabletop Dave Heller
Jacobean Journey with Hand Tools Zachary Dillinger
Three by Three: Rediscover the Handsbreath Larry Mauritz
Embelllish a Turned Post with Timeless Acanthus Leaves Mary May
Three Years in the Making, but Worth Every Hour Jeff Justis