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American Period Furniture 2012

Allan Breed 2012 Cartouche Award Recipient Thomas P. Hand, Sr.
All Bound Up: A Guide to Making Twists Philip Houck
Upholstery for Period Furniture Makers Michael Mascelli
Unlocking the Secrets of a Swan's Neck Pediment George Walker
A Fronteir Jack of All Trades: Joshua Shipman and the Business of Making Furniture in the Ohio Country Andrew Richmond
Repairing a Dog-damaged Period Chair Timothy Puro
The Gate-Leg Table: Form Following Function Larry Mauritz
Making a Dovetail Saw, Simply Donald C. Williams
Asphaltum as a Glazing Compound David A. Reeves
Building a Boston Blockfront Desk Michael McGrail
Building a Queen Ann Footstool Steve Branam
A Philadelphia Lowboy Facilitated by 3D Modeling Timothy Killen
Construction of Federal Period Glazed Doors Robert Mustain
The Ball and Claw Foot Mary May
The Elliptical Journey: Retracing the Origins of Federal Paterae Mark Arnold
A Carpenter's Testament: the John Brown Painted Corner Cabinet Jerome Bias
The Society of American
Period Furniture Makers
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