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American Period Furniture 2009

The Art of Japanning Don C. Williams
A Chippendale Breakfront: Designing in the 18th Century Style Jeff Justis
Constructing a Lolling Chair in the Chippendale Style Tim Talma
Affordable Upholstery for a Period Reproduction Chair Michael Mascelli

A Newport-style Corner Chair

Mike Mcgrail
Carve the Crest of a Philadelphia Queen Anne Chair Dan Reahard
Early American Comb-back Windsor Chairs Herb Lapp
A Fan of Consistency: How to Make Identical Sand-shaded Fans Aaron Hall
Carve an Egg and Dart Molding Jim Shapiro
2009 Cartouche Award Recipient Dennis Bork Mark Arnold
The Design and Construction of an Oval-Back Chair Justin Kauffman
Carving the Amazing Acanthus Mary May
New London County Connecticut Furniture Randy Wilkinson
The Banister-back Chair: Expanding the Horizons of a Novice Joiner Larry Mauritz
The Society of American
Period Furniture Makers
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