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American Furniture Periods

Art Decorative (Deco) (1920 to 1950)

Art Deco with crisp lines and controlled curves was more accepted than Art Nouveau.

Key furniture designers of the style are Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and Paul Follot who refused to use mass production insisting each piece be completely hand made. Other designers were Louis Sue and Andre Mare.

Cubism influenced the design style.


Design Element

  • Makers used expensive materials such as veneers, lacquered woods, ebony, ivory, and later glass and steel
  • Legs were straight or slightly tapered
  • Chair backs extremely low or extremely high
  • Fabrics were often highly stylized floral motifs in silk


Here are a few examples of Art Deco furniture.   Click on any image to zoom in.

art deco cabinet edwards   Art Deco emile jacques ruhlmann cabinet   Art Deco bugatti chair


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