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The Ohio River Valley Chapter will meet on April 27 and 28, 2024 at Woodcraft in Columbus, OH
1) This entire meeting will be a Group Discussion about a chest of drawers construction details. In the past, I have always been amazed at the quality of information exchanged during these Group Discussions. I am excited about this meeting because I think it will be another tremendous learning opportunity for all of us. Please bring examples, drawings, mockups of the various types of construction details that you want to present, or think the group will be interested in. If you would like to take the lead on one of the many topics listed below, please let me know. I plan to bring in my Seymore Night Stand that has several unique case construction details that allows for wood movement.

2) Saturday’s lunch from Subway went over well at the Fall meeting. We will be using Subways again for the Spring meeting. Cost will be around $10/person. If you are coming to the meeting, please RSVP. If you do RSVP and life happens and you have to cancel, please let me know of the change. This will be used to judge the amount of food to order for Saturday’s lunch.

3) Also, for those arriving on Friday night with no dinner plans, we will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:00pm. If you would like to join us, RSVP for Friday night dinner, so we won’t leave without you.
Participants must send an RSVP email for the meeting to [email protected]. (That should route to David Conley - members may also email him directly using the email address in the SAPFM Member Directory).  Keep an eye on the forum post for this meeting for any updates. 
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