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    Goddard townsend 9 shell secretary hardware

    Many years ago Allan Breed hosted a class where he had several people go through the steps of building the Goddard Townsend nine shell secretary . This was the same one that he reproduced for the John Brown house.  I did not take the class but I did have Ball and Ball make me a complete set...
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    I now know thanks to this book

    I now know thanks to this book
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    question about furniture stored in cold

    Hello, I have furnished a home over the years completely with period reproduction furniture all built by myself. I have over 40 something pieces including tables, tall clocks, Goddard townsend pieces, federal pieces, windsor furniture, etc etc.  For the most part with a few exceptions it is all...
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    spraying shellac safely

    I build period furniture and  only use only alcohol based shellac as a finish and quite often spray it due to the fact that I am building big case pieces or pieces with complicated surfaces.  I have always done so outside but this is limiting as I need to finish in the winter and at night also...
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    Massachusetts shelf clock dial and works

    Wondering if anyone might be able to help with locating a source for a Massachusetts shelf clock works and / or works and dial.  This is the type with the kidney shaped dial.  I have  made a clock of this type in the past and I bought the works form Foster Campos who is now no longer with us.  I...
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    Great period furniture plans and videos

    Just wanted to let everyone know just in case they were not aware that Rob Millard is now offering plans and videos at an extremely reasonable price.  His drawings are very professional and he does some great Federal pieces including a Seymour desk and a pembroke table. I am waiting for the...
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    Source for slot head screws without zinc plating

    Has anybody ever found a source for slot head screws without the zinc plating.  This has been a problem for me for some time and I end up using the ones with zinc plating much to my dismay.  Even those are becoming hard to find and I have to order them from my local hardware store special...
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    Source of hand blown or wavy glass

    I built a reproduction cupboard cabinet with true divided light glass doors.  Does anyone have a reliable source for hand blow bubble glass or old wavy glass? Thank you for any help.
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    where to get a piece of wide black walnut

    Hello.  Just wondering if anyone might have any ideas.  I am restoring an antique grandfather clock for a friend.  The bottom panel is damaged and partially missing.  It was a solid piece of walnut that needs to be 19" tall and 19" wide by 1/2" thick. Needs to be one board.  He does not want...
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    Honduras Mahogony

    Does anybody have any experience with a any of the african mahogany substitutes for genuine mahogany such as utile or sepele most specifically utile. South American mahogany is becoming very scarce and very expensive in our area It is especially  hard to find thicker stock.  Anyhow the lumber...