Source of hand blown or wavy glass


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I built a reproduction cupboard cabinet with true divided light glass doors.  Does anyone have a reliable source for hand blow bubble glass or old wavy glass?
Thank you for any help.
I did a google search on "antique window glass" and turned up a couple of suppliers - even got a hit in ebay, but they block that site here at work so I couldn't check it out.
But, if your looking for endorsements, sorry I can't help you.


Check with your local replacement window guy.  A lot of old, wavy glass is sent to the dumpster as old windows are upgraded.  I've acquired many nice pieces free for the hauling from guys that do this for a living.  It's not only great for reproduction pieces with glass doors but if you get the "slightly flawed" stuff- it can be silvered for really good looking glass mirror!  If it's too wavy- it has too much reflective distortion.
Thanks for all the great information.  I especially like the idea of old window sashes from replacement companies.  I looked on Craigs List and saw a few adds from people who have sashes with old glass.  Already inquired about one.  Thanks again for the help.