Goddard townsend 9 shell secretary hardware


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Many years ago Allan Breed hosted a class where he had several people go through the steps of building the Goddard Townsend nine shell secretary .
This was the same one that he reproduced for the John Brown house.  I did not take the class but I did have Ball and Ball make me a complete set
of hardware when they made all the other custom ones for the class based on Allan's specifications and original measurements.  I had anticipated making it myself at the time.  Life
circumstances changed a lot when my young wife passed away from cancer.  Many years later I still have the hardware.  I paid Ball and Ball $750 for it at the time
.  I am willing to sell it at a reduced cost if necessary.  It even includes the large carry handles for the bottom case which were optional. Let me know if anybody is interested.

It would be a shame if it went to waste.



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Hi Scott,
Just wondering if this hardware is still available.  Please let me know.