where to get a piece of wide black walnut


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Hello.  Just wondering if anyone might have any ideas.  I am restoring an antique grandfather clock for a friend.  The bottom panel is damaged and partially missing.  It was a solid piece of walnut that needs to be 19" tall and 19" wide by 1/2" thick. Needs to be one board.  He does not want walnut veneer over solid walnut hardwood because the original was not veneered. Does anybody have any ideas where I might be able to purchase a piece of walnut 19" wide?  I already contacted Irion Lumber.  They have the piece but will not ship it unless they have a 200 board foot minimum no matter how much I pay for shipping. Also I am aware I may need to pay for a whole board and that is fine.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Thanks Dennis,  I did try there.  Skip is looking for me and says he might have something somewhere eventually if I give him some time.  He has a lot of book matched sets that cant be broken up for one piece.  He is a really nice guy though and Im sure he will come up with something eventually.  Thanks again for the response
Try Hudock's Hardwood Dan runs a small oneman sawmill. www.hudockhardwoods.com. He is in Pa about a hour north of Philly.
  Scott-----------You may want to try Groff&Groff--- 1-800-342-0001 or717-284-0001. Good luck/Ed