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    HVLP sprayer

    I have a very good quality hvlp turbine sprayer I would like to get rid of. I have used it only a couple times. I now have a very nice air setup,it is no longer needed. It is non-bleed type gun. I will give more info upon request. I paid well over $700 new and would entertain offers in the $450...
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    Posting pics

    Can someone elaborate on how to post pics, or is there a link somewhere that I have been too lazy to find.
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    Writing surface

    I am looking for  material for a period correct writing surface for a desk top. I thought it was called "baize", although I may be wrong. I'm thinking the felt like stuff not leather.
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    what am I doing wrong?

    I am building a repro. of the Seaton tool chest and am trying to veneer the lid of the removable till. The top is 5/8 white pine about 11 by 34. The problem that I am having is as follows. I glued on two ovals with banding on the face side of the board and it started to cup slightly and there...
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    Some time ago there was some info on historic fonts. I have been searching through the forum with no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong but it may have been Dennis Bork that recommended said site. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Kerry
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    Water Stones

    Is there someone out there with experience with water sharpening stones? I have a pair (an 800 and a 1200) that I have used for quite some time and they are in the need of flattening. My question, what would be the best approach/material to do so?
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    campechy chair

    I am attempting to build a campechy chair after the conf. in williamsburg. I have made a good pattern off the drawings and have the legs side built. My question, does anyone have a dimension on the overall width of the chair.