Inspiration: Gene Landon and Seven Hearths

Tom M

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I've just completed a Memorial Book to Gene Landon. It has been a tremendous amount of work but very satisfying. I wish Gene could have seen it. There are over 200 full color pages, a hard cover binding, and approximately 400 pictures. Charlie Hummel wrote a beautiful introduction, and I?m especially proud of the bibliography. I?ve been able to incorporate pictures from 1970s era newspapers, almost all of Gene?s Fine Woodworking articles, Traditional Homes and Early American Home  (now Early American Life). What I really enjoyed including were dozens of quotes taken from Gene?s Pennsylvania Cable Network video house tour and a lecture he gave to my local woodworking club in 1997.

The book is available (print-on-demand) at
(You can also search for it at by typing ?Gene Landon? or ?Meiller?.)

Approximately 14 pages of the book are available for preview at the above website. If you like what you see, please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested. I?m going to try and get the word out through a few different channels, but word-of-mouth certainly will help.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 25% off on-line coupon code from lulu which is good until the end of January. Details are included below.
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Thanks for posting this. I just looked at the preview and immediately ordered the book. Can't wait for it to come in.
I too ordered the book immediately.

For your information, I would have never done so if I could not have seen the preview; it took away any doubt that the content of the book would be worth the expense, and without being able to see the preview  probably would not have purchased because the book is not inexpensive.

I hope this same high quality is followed in the printing and binding as I have never  had an experience with a print to order book before to my knowledge

Thanks for the link and discount coupon. I've just ordered my copy and was wondering if you would be able to sign it? I'm not sure if the order goes through your hands or not but if it does, would you date/sign it by your name?
I would be honored to sign your book. Unfortunately with the digital print-on-demand, they fill the order and ship it out directly. If you wanted to send me the book once you get it I could sign it for you. We can discuss off-line. You can contact me through the Forum or at [email protected].

I did look into a batch printing which would have resulted in a little lower selling price, but would have required an initial outlay of several thousands of dollars plus the added issue of selling and shipping. I also kept envisioning having boxes of unsold books stacked in my basement.

FYI, I had full support from Gene's wife on this memorial, and full access to his house, shop and files.

Best regards,
Great book, however as seems to be the trend in books, the font is too small for me to read.


My copy of your book has arrived (Tue) and all that I can say is "kudos" for a job well done. Your book brought me into Gene's life as the consummate craftsman. I especially liked your personal comments flowing through the book and the extensive use of footnotes where possible. Photography was also outstanding and comprehensive. Well done and thanks.

I recived my book last night. I think you did a great job. The pictures are great! And I think it's a great chronical of one man's Legacy. I think the title is appropriate as well. I was lucky enough to know Gene and he always inspired me. I can already tell that this book is one I will reference over and over when seeking inspiration.

Gene had access to great pieces of furniture, many in private collections, Many in museums, most of which either don't have decent pictures or any picture available.  Gene's reproductions add a lot more pieces to reference from.

I think the book is as good as any put out by the large museums and is one we should all have in our collection. If your on the fence about buying it I don't think you'll be sorry at all. I was worried that the print on demand wouldn't be as good as a regular book, but I am very impressed with the print quality and binding. Definitly worth the price, and the sale makes it even better!
I just received an e-mail from Lulu. There is a new coupon code for 30% off until 01/31/12. Sorry if you already ordered with the 25% off code (which I of course did).

Purchase Inspiration: Gene Landon and Seven Hearths or any other title with 30% off with coupon code SHELFSTOCK305.

(I've noticed Lulu will send "coupons" out frequently, but until the ones I've posted here the codes were only good for the day of the e-mail)

New coupon came today - good through February 19...

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Please note, I've heard of two occurances of poor color reproduction. Lulu is investigating the issue with the printer (both orders were from the same printer). The problem was "overly red color cast" such that some pages - such as Gene's mahogany tea caddy - lost all wood grain effect. If you see this in your copy please contact LULU. They have been very quick to respond and replace.
I hate to be a disenting voice on this forum. I ordered the book and thought it was very well written. The color of the photographs in my copy is awfull. There has been no responce from Lulu as to my complaint. Just wanted to warn others.
Bob S.
Recently I have been investigating having a book published by the print on demand system that depends for its success on the color illustrations being of high quality because it is a picture book.
What I have learned is that in traditional offset printing, the matter of color balance is handled at the printer in real time;, the author is on hand to approve each test print of each page, and the colors are corrected to his satisfaction and then the print run is made. In that system, the color balance issue need only be settled once per press run which often translates to once per book. To make a long story short, with typical print on demand, a digital file is sent to  someone who does the actual printing each time one or a set of books is ordered. Assuming that the author took the precautions to be sure the digital files submitted were color balanced , a very big deal, then it remains for the printer to apply further color corrections to account for his individual color printer as well as for the exact paper he is running. This correction is referred to as a "profile" for his machine. I believe this may explain why there may have been an issue of irregular color balance in individual copies of this book as recieved at different times; the colors in my particular copy seemed well balanced. All of this is a summary of a very complex situation - it is much more complicated than this - but I convinced myself that good color should be achievable in print on demand books if everyone involved takes the time and trouble to understand and follow the process.

I am so sorry you've had this problem, but I am confident it will be resolved - if required I'll buy the book back from you.

When I last communicated with Lulu, they had met with the specific printer who has sent out poor color copies (yours is the 4th that I'm aware of). They are waiting for that printer to get back to them with a fix. Lulu replaced the first person's book immediately - after contacting Lulu he had a new book in his hands in about 5 days. They did not request the poor color quality book returned; they did however request a picture showing the problem. For the other two books, they have told me they are waiting for the printer to fix the problem before sending out new books. I'm not sure how long ago you contacted Lulu, but as I recall their web site says it could take up to four business days to get a response.

It may help if you send me your name, date you placed the order, order or invoice number (on the packing slip), and a picture of a bad page (I assume your book has the overly red color cast I mentioned in my February 17th posting). I will contact Lulu as the author since I have a "case" opened with them on the other two books. Please contact me at [email protected].

Best regards,
Tom Meiller
I just received my copy yesterday.  The photos appear clear, sharp and with proper colors.  Overall, the book is excellent!  Fantastic job, Tom!
Earlier I had stated that the color of my book was not up to the standards that I had assumed that this book would have. Well, Tom had replied to my posting and worked with Lulu to fix the color printing problem. A replacement book has arrived and it is superb. I would like to publicly thank Tom for his assistance and congratulate him for an excellent book.
Lulu has a 20% off coupon posted at their website which is good through Friday, June 29.
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Lulu just posted another 20% off coupon at their website which is good through Friday, July 27.
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Following is a link to a front page article that was in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette on July 4th. They included a newspaper file photo they had of Gene next to his bust of George Washington.