Inspiration: Gene Landon and Seven Hearths

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Tom, I just finished reading your book.  Absolutely wonderful, a true tribute to Gene.
I have a suggestion for a second book about Gene and his work. I was enthralled by Gene's sketches that you included in the book. I studied them for hours using a magnifying glass. I would bet in Gene's files there are several thousand sketches of furniture he's built and measured in is life time. A manuscript of those documents would be invaluable. Just a thought. Thanks for writing a wonderful book.

Bob Baker

Thank you for the kind words and suggestion. Surprisingly I could find very little documentation on Gene's projects.  What he did have were almost exclusively from the projects he did at Olde Mill, and in most cases these included some mylar templates he made plus pictures of the original. I spent an entire day in his shop going through his project binders and drawers looking for good stuff to include in the book, and what you see is pretty much what I could find.  I think what Professor Hummel wrote for the introduction in Inspiration was very observant. Gene knew almost all details just by looking at a piece, and other that a few pictures with a six foot folding ruler he didn't need much else. (He did take lots of pictures of carvings and did rubbings if possible.) No doubt the information that was shared through his Olde Mill classes is by far the most detailed you'll find.

But if you are interested in another book... Keep checking this site, because I will be announcing a companion book in a few days about Gene's tool collection. This will be available as a pdf download. I may make a hardcover version available as well for true die-hard Gene fans.

Best Regards,
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I would also like to add my kudos for a job well done. As -to me- an interesting side light was Gene's involvement with clocks. It is an an aspect of furniture making that does not get much attention. Thank you for opening my eyes to Gene's involvement.
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It's on my short list to buy a copy (once I get to my new living quarters!!)

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If you have any questions about this whole process, please feel free to get in touch with me!

It's always great to see a new book published and even more so one about Gene Landon.


PS: the pdf for Gene Landon Tools is expertly done! Great job and one that I'll pass the link along to others.
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Lulu does not seem to carry this book now at the link given earlier in the thread.  Sold out? (How can that be for print on demand?) Other sources?

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I just made some minor revisions yesterday, and so the book was off-line over night.  It is back now, and I see there is 30% off today. From their website I see there will be a few more "sale" days before Christmas, but I've only seen 30% off one other time.

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