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    Wormholes in oak - ignore at my own risk?

    I am making a set of stackable chests out of red oak from a tree I took down about 5 years ago. I milled and stickered the wood immediatly and am pleased enough with the moisture content in the wood to get started. But I am noticing a fair amount of worm in some of the stock.  From a show...
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    18th Century Cabinetmaking: A Forgotten Art

    Reading Mark's excellent review of this book in the latest newsletter has whetted my appetite but I would like to solicit some opinions from anyone who has read it. While I will probably buy it as I am loathe to reject any period woodworking book (and I am sure I will be inspired by it), I am...
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    Scratch Beads on a Radiused Corner Column

    I have a two part question. I am building a cabinet that has quartered columns on each corner where all four sides are show (its a period-ish kitchen island). Actually they are not true quarter columns, but basically rounded corners set into the carcass as you would a quarter column on a...
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    The Question of a Suitable Marking Device

    All, My question relates to the marking tool or writing device you have found that best creates a clean line when marking out molding profiles on end grain and/or transferring or freehand drawing designs onto oddly shaped stock. I have yet to get beyond my #3 pencil and my 5mm mechanical...
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    Quilt Rack Examples Wanted

    Recently I've been searching for examples of racks or frames that would have been used to hang up quilts and blankets during the sumer months. I would like to make one but haven't come up with anything in my searches. I've checked the references I have (Hurst & Prown, Nutting, Sack and others)...
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    Selecting and Color Matching Putties and Fillers

    At the moment I am replacing my ugly builder-installed fierplace surround and shelf with an Early Federal period surround and shelf. I am using Euro chestnut (Castanea sativa) with carved rosettes in butternut topping the pilasters. So, what have any of you found to be the putty or filler of...