Worm holes in Butternut

Thanks for the FWW reference. I saw Steve's bench in his presentation last Saturday and am thinking this will be a worthwhile addition.


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All four doors fit nicely on the first try after cutting the cope joint.  I next moved to making the raised panels.  Early on when laying out the boards, I put aside one board that I thought would work well for all four raised panels. The attached picture shows this board cut into two manageable pieces with the panel layout marked (3rd piece is left-over).

I used the same method for raising the panels that I have used many times before.  There are probably better ways, but this works fine for me.  I have a sliding pressure bar that attaches to the miter gauge.  This keeps the board up right so it cannot tip.  I then clamp a board to the other side of the panel which rides on the top of my fence (this keeps shorter panels from dropping down into the blade clearance slot.) After initially cutting the fillets I cut all four sides with this set-up using a thin kerf rip blade.  I then will use my big shoulder plane to clean up the surfaces.  I finish by cleaning up the fillet with a small shoulder plane.

After glue-up I made ø1/4” wood pegs for the tenons. I use an old pencil sharpener to point the pegs before hammering them through an old dowel plate. After gluing and trimming the pegs I trimmed the stiles on my table saw and then planed them flush.  I then carved the edge molding detail on the ends of the stiles to match the routed molding I did on the pieces before assembly. And lastly, I cut the rabbet all around the door on my table saw and cleaned it up with my shoulder plane.

Next up: Finishing


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