Workbench wanted -trade antique wooden planes, book, mag's


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I am looking for a top quality workbench with face and tail vise. No time or interest in making my own due to time constraints.

I have a lot of old wooden hand planes, tons of books, and magazine sets that I would be willing to make a partial trade. Not required though. The very long list is below. The prices are there because I was about to list the items - but will wait to see if I can get a bench or make a trade of some sort first.

Thank you for looking it over and considering my offer.


NC/ VA area
Add shipping, or can pick up, or I can meet anywhere between Ahoskie, (Eastern) NC and Lynchburg, VA
Will sell as follows. Prefer not to break up any sets:
1. 2 Long Jointer type planes - 1700-1800's vintage, 25 inch length -- $35 each; both for $65
2. 8 total Bench Planes - 16 to 22 inch length -- all for $180
3. 11 total Small Bench Planes - 8 - 10 inch length -- all for $225
4. Wooden molding planes - 61 total -- all for $1200
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Woodworking Books For Sale

Some rare and out of print

69 books for $600
I am only selling these as a set. I will list this on Ebay auction in a few weeks if I cannot sell the entire set together.

Will trade some for Phiel Swiss Made gauges: I need #5/12, 5/25, 7/18, 7/20, 8/5, 8/8, 8/10, 8/16

Add shipping costs to price

OS = Oversized
HB = Hardback
PB = Paperback

I. Furniture making

Thos. Moser - How To Build Colonial Furniture ; PB

Working With Wood - Peter Korn; Taunton Press PB

Sharpening And Tool Care, The Art of Woodworking; Spiral Bound HB

Fine Woodworking Techniques - Vol's 2, 3, and 5; Hardbacks, Taunton Press

Shop Made Jigs and Fixtures, The Art of Woodworking; Spiral Bound HB

Guitar Making , A Complete Reference for the Design and Construction of Steel String and Classical Guitars- Cumpino and Natelson; HB

Encyclopedia of Wood, The Art Of Woodworking Series; Spiral Bound HB

Understanding Wood - Bruce Hoadley; OS HB, Taunton Press

Measured Shop Drawings for American Furniture - Thomas Moser; PB

Restoring, Tuning, and Using Classic Woodworking Tools - Michael Dunbar; PB

Bench Tools, The Best of Fine Woodworking; Out of print PB

Fine Furniture For the Amateur Cabinetmaker - Andy Marlow; HB

Reproducing Antique Furniture - Franklin Gottschall; PB

The Woodwright's Apprentice, 20 Project - Roy Underhil; PB

Good Furniture You Can Make Yourself - FE Hoard and Andy Marlow; PB

Chip Carving - Wayne Barton; PB

Chip Carving Patterns - Barton; PB

Carving An American Eagle - Paul White

Early American Classics, 33 Projects with Complete Plans and Instructions - John Nelson; PB

Country Classics, 25 Early American Projects - Saberin; HB

Tools And How To Use Them For Woodworking - Alfred Morgan; classic HB in mint condition

American Country Furniture, Projects from the Workshops of David Smith - Nick Engler and David Smith; PB

II. Shaker

Illustrated guide To Shaker Furniture - Meader; OS PB

Making Authentic Shaker Furniture - John Shea; PB

The Architecture of the Shakers - Nicoletta and Morgan; OS PB

Shaker Furniture, The Art Of Woodworking - Time Life; Spiral Bound HB

Shaker Furniture - Andrews; PB

Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture - Vol's 1, 2, and 3; PB

III. Workshop

Woodshop Dust Control - Nagyszalanzy; PB Taunton

Woodshop Jigs And Fixtures - " "; " "

Mastering Wood Working Machines - Duginkse; Taunton PB

Best of Fine Woodworking on Woodworking Machines - Taunton PB

The Workshop - Scott Gibson; OS HB

Fine Woodworking on the Small Workshop; Out of print PB

Setting Up Shop - Sandor Nagyszalanzy; PB

The Workshop, Methods of Work - Jim Richey (Best tips from 25 years of FWW); PB

Country Woodcraft, Handbook of Traditional Woodworking Techniques and Projects - Drew Langsner; PB

IV. Wood Finishing

Adventures In Wood Finishing - George Frank; HB

Wood Finishing With George Frank ; PB

Fine Woodworking on Finishing and Refinishing ; Taunton PB

Decorating with Paint - Jocasta and Innis; OS PB

V. Miscellaneous

The Old House Journal Guide To Home Restoration; OS HB

Adding On; How To Desigh And Build a Better Additon To YOur Home; Rodale Press; OS HB

Best of Fine HomeBuilding on Doors; Taunton; OS PB

For YOur Garden - Seats And Benches ; Spier; OS PB

Classic Kitchen Projects, 17 Classic Projects - Barrett; PB

American Country - The Country Kitchen; OS HB

American Country - Country Crafts; OS HB

Legacy From The Past, A Portfolio of 88 Original Williamsburg Buildings (Full color) ; Colonial Willaimsburg Foundation; PB

Field Guide to American Houses - Virginia and Lee McAllister; PB

Classic Country Inns, 3 Vol HB set in case: MidAtlantic and South; New England and Maritimes; Pacific Coast and Southwest; Knapp Press; HB

Old American Houses, HBow to Reproduce and Remodel them - Williams; HB

Old Virginia Houses - Emma Farrar; HB 1955

Houses Virgininians Have Loved - Rothery; HB

Living The Country Life - Homes; HB

The Flowering of American Folk Art 1776-1876 - Winchester & Lipman; OS HB

Restoring Antiques, Time-Life Art of Woodworking; Spiral HB

English Furniture Styles 1500-1830 - Fastnedge; HB

Wintertur Illustrated - John Sweeney; PB

Puzzles In Wood - Edwin Wyatt; PB

Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Evan Kern; PB

The Knopf Collector's Guide to American Antiques, Chairs, Tables, and Beds - Marion Schwartz; PB

Old Furniture, From Restoration To Regency - Edward Wenham; HB Spring Books (British import - beautiful drwaings, glossary)

Fine Woodworking ? entire set to current issue? $400
American Woodworker ? 84 issues (Vol. IV, No. 4 to No. 136; some missing), plus Buying Guides ? $250
Woodcraft ? 8 issues (2005-2007) ? $25
Woodworker?s Journal ? 123 issues (inclusive 1979-2002) ? $300
Woodwork ? random issues ? $3 each
Add shipping to prices
I also have a large collection of woodworking books for sale-See my posting
Forest, VA
[email protected]

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Thank you Ty.  I looked at these workbenches at one point.  The top consists of small laminated strips.  I heard some bad reports at the time and stayed away. 

  I'll keep looking used, but I'm close to considering making my own.  Not how I want to spend precious time though.
You know a solid core door on top of a couple cabinet bases from Lowe's/Home Depot would make a perfectly suitable, quick, and economic workbench.  Just bolt two of those bases with drawers together and make blocks to attach the door.

I am using a solid core door on my bench after getting rid of the laminated top I had made.  Flat, cheap, ($49), easily replaced.  Only downside is for holdfasts it will not work; but I've drilled holes for stops and it works fine.
  Thanks Jeff and Ty.  These are good ideas.

I've done pretty well with make-shift "benches" (rickety tables) so far.  Here's some of my stuff.........

Been too lazy, I guess, to make a real one.  So, either of these suggestions would be a step up.  :)

  I'm still hoping to find a great used bench somewhere.
Why is it ?

It seems like all of us are reluctant to spend an approrpiate sum a on a good solid workbench. I am one of the worst; I build things on my dining room table and I have never had a suitable workbench in 40 years in my home; a workbench where I can clamp parts to hold them properly to use a hand  plane, a back saw, or a chisel. Yes, I did buy a carving stand to do my Newport decorations, but not a good workbench.

I can't help but feel that this is a mistake, I build furniture on wobbly sawhorses,  and I clamp wood for cutting with C-clamps.

I own  a large capacity resaw, a substantial joiner, a pretty big planer, and a big drum sander, two 10-inch table saws, a large shaper ...but no workbench .

Why is it  ? ; I cannot believe it is wise.

Why is it?.................

1. Cheap
2. Lazy
3. Poor
4. Rather make stuff than make a workbench, and doing pretty well without a bench so far
5. Instinctual curmudgeon - tired of all the workbench books and hype

I have a Danish, Tage Frid style bench I no longer use.  It needs a little work; the tail vise is sagged a bit maybe a quarter inch, but still works fine.  The face vise is loose and needs some attention as well.  This bench served me well for many years, and it was only when I went to hand tools that I built a big monster to replace it.

If interested, contact me for more info.