Workbench Question

My workbenches are 48 and 66 inches long. The shorter one is too short - I made it that size because I had a small space at the time. Now I live with it, but I prefer to use the 66" long one, a modern Moravian style bench, so portable. Steve Dietrich (Blue Ridge chapter) came up with a nice design and shared it. I used Benchcrafted hardware, which is slick. I don't regret the 66" length. Too long just gets in the way. my bench is made in two pieces each ~ 12" wide, 3.5" thick, so that they can be lugged.
Your bench size and configuration need to start with what you think you will be doing with it. Great hardware makes it functionally superior. I am 5'7" an my bench height is 34", comfortable for most things. I built a small platform out of 2x4's and piece of plywood for my grandson so that he can work at the bench and I use it myself when I really want to get over something. I also have a Latta worktable (see FWW) that is helpful for fine router work or for inlays, to save my back. I don't think that there is a perfect workbench design but there are some really good ones out there.