Woodworking Workshops of the Shenandoah Valley Federal Tables

Jeff L Headley

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With over 5 generations of building in the States we made these two tables from a class which we offered in the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with a few added embellishments.


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Hi Jeff,
Very nice!  A few questions about the top -
How thick is the top?
How much overhang?
Does the amount of overhang differ from a serpentine front to a flat front?

Lonnie, 13/16" thick top with a 5/8" overhang on both serpentine front or straight front. You could go with a 3/4" overhang. 1 1/4" fans if you were interested.


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Jeff, I would love to take the class! But the dates don't work for me and besides I still haven't finished the desk!

PS you forgot the link to your web page here.
Please note my change to a 13/16" thick top. Thanks for noticing. Please check out our website for    Woodworking Workshops Of The Shenandoah Valley (all the first initials .com)