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Kent A. Ryan

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I was not exactly sure where to post this information but this board was as close as I thought I could get to the subject.

In case you haven't seen it, there is a relatively new magazine published by F+W Publications, Inc. who publish among other things Popular Woodworking.  It is titled Woodworking Magazine and is NOT available by subscription through the mail. I believe that it is the intent of F+W to eventually do so but for the time being Woodworking Magazine is sold only in some bookstores, some woodworking stores, some newsstands, etc.

You can obtain a copy of the magazine by ordering from the website:


I have no financial interest in the magazine. I would recommend reviewing a copy. I have found it interesting with articles/subjects/woodworking history that I have not found covered in other magazines.  No advertising and a lot of web support, including a weblog, and some 3-D modeling of magazine projects - the 3-D reader and files are available online.  The magazine is more oriented to woodworking techniqes than period furniture. Right now they have a CD of the first five issues - there have been only six.  There is a sample article on the website and some discussion about the forthcoming issue #7.

Kent Ryan
Woodworking Magazine is wonderful; good content and well written.  Chris Schwartz is a hand tool guy, but seems to practice, umm whats the term, "mixed or blended woodworking"; using power tools where it makes sense.  Chris also researches period documents where appropriate.  Overall this publication is a great resource.
Thay actually posted thier first issue on thier web page free for download. I have the copy I can send to anyone if they would like a pretty good mag.