Wood moulding planes

I am currently reading Matt Bickford's Mouldings In Practice, and I think I've been bit by the wooden plane bug.  I have been trying to acquire a "user" matched pair or two of H&R planes on E-bay, but there are very few real pairs - just odds and ends.  I even bid on a half-set, but chickened out when it got over $500.  Since I'm a "newby" at this, I couldn't justify that kind of expenditure.  I am wondering if there are SAPFM members out there who have extra pairs of #6, #8, or #10 that they would consider parting with (at the right price of course).  I would also like to try my hand at a wooden side bead (1/8" or 3/16"?) and a dado (1/2", 5/8", 3/4"?) plane.  If there are any members out there who can help or else point me towards a source, I would be most appreciative.  If you prefer, you may contact me directly at: [email protected]

R Bohn

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Hi Bob
Check out the MWTCA, I have seen those planes at tool meets. Or , there publication[The Grist Mill] has a classified section, put an ad in there.


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Bob, Matched sets and pairs are nice but I don't think they are needed. Over the years I have put together a half set plus and I don't think any of them match maybe a few, I don't even know. In use I have never once thought, I wish these matched. I do however have separate rule joint planes. Even if needed it's easy to make the profiles match using one plane to modify the other.


Also check out Tony Murland.  He sells half sets for users. If you google Tony Murland and antique tools he will come up.

Peter Storey Pentz

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As you can see there are a lot of us who are collector/users of old tools.  True pairs and sets demand a higher price.  They are harder to find.  Assembling the pairs you want takes a little more time but it saves money.  Purchasing tools from the UK is expensive, not because of price, but take a look at the SHIPPING.  I probably have some of the planes you want.  (I have been too occupied with more interesting projects to put them on Ebay).  Please contact me at [email protected]  PSP
Hi Folks,

Thanks for all the helpful comments and offers.  As it turns out, I took the plunge on a full half-set from Patrick Leach (The Superior Works).  I'm not getting any younger (65), and decided that I'd rather spend my time learning to use new tools than running around trying to find them.  I'll probably have some of these that I'll rarely use, but that's OK.  They'll be there for the next generation.