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I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Winterthur SAPFM Furniture Program. Thanks to all who made it possible. In the Selected Objects Study, one of the pieces was a Philadelphia Queen Anne arm chair. Where the arm and the back post meet, a through mortise and tenon joint was used. That has to be the most difficult joint in all of period furniture making IMHO. I have done a blind mortise at this joint and it is hard enough. Maybe someday I will attempt this joint. 

Mark Maleski

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Dave, I wish I'd have been able to make this one (couldn't take the time off).  I've only made one chair (so far, getting ready for a set of six), and am glad to have done so.  Whenever I face a challenging project I think to myself: "I can do this, it can't be harder than the chair."  But I've never made an *arm* chair...the thought of it does still intimidate me.